We are creative. From engineering an entire website and brand from scratch, to developing ideas that engage your customers in social spaces, to producing unique, journalist-created content for customer-focused blogs, to writing PPC ads and SEO meta descriptions, we take a creative approach in everything we do.

Our purpose is to design for engagement. A beautiful website that no one can find is useless, as is one that fails to engage its audience in the right ways. So, while designing for visibility is fundamental to everything we do – thanks to our  years of heritage in design, search,  engagement and journalistic approach towards the success of our clients needs – we’re also clear that metrics of success such as ‘visits’ are no longer meaningful. We create truly engaging and valuable experiences for customers – with user experience, social engagement and search visibility at their heart.

Your customers have been set free. Enabled by the internet, they have moved from passive, broadcast channels to interactive networks of information and experience that they can use to make all their decisions.

In this world, brands need a new approach; they must learn to live and be valued in their customers’ networks. They must become Visible, Useful, Usable, Desirable and Engaged.


Media Systems is a digital marketing agency that builds search, social media and creative digital marketing programmes that enable our clients to live and be valued in their customers’ networks.


We are a major content agency, with a dedicated team of professional journalists developing, producing and distributing content for some of the country’s leading brands.

We were the first digital agency in Pakistan specialising in Paid Search.

If you are wondering how to earn attention on the web for your business through great content, we can help.

Research & insight – Great content strategy starts with research. Our approach is defined by obsessive attention to understanding the content that people are looking for and where their needs are not being met, as well as deeper factors such as seasonality and linguistics.

Real experts – Our content team is staffed and run by professional journalists. Experts in their fields, including travel, retail and finance, they retain a clear sense of independence and reader-loyalty that is critical for content to become valued and valuable.

Social media leadership – to understand the power and influence of content on the web begins with an understanding of how social spaces function and thrive. As a genuine world-class social media agency, Media Systems knows the content that enables brands to become visible and valued in their customers’ networks.

We are a world-class paid search (PPC) marketing agency.

We combine brilliant people with proprietary paid search planning and bid management technology to deliver paid search strategies and campaigns for some of the biggest brands online.

Why Media Systems as your paid search agency?

Talent – Our team of paid search experts are the best in the market. They are all qualified to the highest level across the major search engine paid-search programmes, but are also trained as exceptional client-facing marketers. This enables them to make sense of paid search in the broader context of your marketing strategy and communicate effectively with you and your teams.

Technology – Merchantize is our proprietary paid search campaign management technology. Deep insight, flexible reporting, data transparency, data feed management and campaign forecasting all come as standard and empower our teams to deliver outstanding ROI on our clients’ campaigns – but we can and do work with all third-party bid management tools.

Research & insight – The glue which helps bind our talent and technology is our approach to research and insight which helps us understand your customers, clearly size your market, quantify your competition and define goals better than the rest. When we have a handle on all these elements defining the optimum pay per click strategy is easy! We have a dedicated team, an exhaustive collection of in-house and 3rd party tools and a rigorously defined methodology which allows us to provide quantitative and qualitative answers to your key business questions.

Search synergy – Getting natural search results (SEO) and paid search listings to work effectively together is a critical element of advanced search marketing success. As one of the world’s best natural search (SEO) agencies, we are uniquely placed to make search synergy work for you.

We have a unique approach to display advertising founded on the intense knowledge of your customers’ online journeys that we need to drive brilliant search and social media marketing.

Our understanding of how your customers go from research to purchase has to be exceptional to deliver great search programmes. Meanwhile, our knowledge of the sites and communities that surround your markets has to be world-class to drive social media success. We combine both these things with our own, in-house creative experts to deliver display campaigns that put the right message in the right place at the right time.

Want a more intelligent, less wasteful display campaign that has a real place in your customers’ journeys to conversion? We can help.

Case Study – Adthena, UK


After helping put together and activating its incredibly successful SEO strategy, financial services giant Halifax next worked with iCrossing to develop an approach that would give the brand credible access to social spaces.

Through the provision of genuinely valuable, non-brand focused content, iCrossing strove to drive engagement with users, build positive brand associations around related products, and further boost its search-engine visibility.

The activity led to the development of a new insurance website ‘Home Matters’, that offers news, facts and advice for customers focusing on the home.

The user-friendly, flash-animated site contains a blog and competitions encouraging consumer involvement and video vox pops and an ‘ask the expert’ element to deliver advice concerning home security and domestic accidents.

Home Matters was the first step in an ongoing project to create an engaged community and the first time that the brand had undertaken a social media project.

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